Hey, that's me.

I'm a Strategist, Planner, Sociologist, Researcher, Friend, and Comedic Relief.

I'm a Strategist because I love to uncover the
who, what, when, where, and why of what makes people tick.

Who else am I?

I'm a Virginian



I'm a graduate.
I graduated with a double major, Latin Honors: cum laude, and a faculty award. 

I'm a puzzler.
The satisfaction of placing the final piece of the puzzle makes the challenge of completion well worth it.

I'm an artist.
I'm no Picasso but, I love to meditate by drawing, sketching, and creating things with my hands.

Fun fact: I made the cover of my highschool's MindScapes: Art and Literary Magazine'  twice.

I'm a viral hit.
One of my coolest moments was when a goofy photo of my cat and I went viral on Reddit

In five years I've made the Front Page of Reddit more than a dozen times, with content reaching millions.

I'm a critic.

After the premiere of Wall-E back in 2008, I began to collect all of my movie tickets. I have hundreds.

I'm a plant enthusiast.
I have a pretty awesome collection of succulent that I've propagated myself.

I'm a little brother.
I may be taller, but I'm the one that looks up to her.

I'm a son

to two wonderful parents who attended
rival high schools but ironically fell in love.

Thanks for checking out a little bit about me.

I hope to get to know a little more about you!