In the summer of 2019, I began an internship at Broad Street Veterinary Hospital as a Social Media Manager. BSVH is the first animal hospital to open in Richmond Virginia when Broad Street was all grass and dirt. It was also one of the first animal hospitals in the country to be AHAA accredited. Today, thousands of people trust Broad Street Veterinary Hospital to treat their pets, whether it be an emergency or general check-up. Clients trust the staff at BSVH  to be the compassionate caretakers their pet needs. 

What I Did


Updated & managed Facebook. Created & managed Instagram.


Created a new website emphasizing clientele loyalty and business appeal.


User and mobile-friendly website for easy navigation. 


Show a real business client relationship through interaction and real client photos.

Social Media Outreach Challenges

Broad Street Vet was struggling to engage with their clientele through social media. They haven’t been promoting themselves well enough, primarily online.

My Plan

Develop a bi-weekly content calendar with 15 days of Facebook post ideas aimed at increasing their engagement rate. BSVH wanted their Facebook posts to emphasize pet education and humor.

Sample of Content

The building photos were old, outdated, and didn’t show the beauty of the hospital. I took new images, which I used as my first post after managing Broad Street Vet’s Facebook Page.

Old Profile Photo

Posted: Aust 20, 2010

Post Clicks / Reactions / Comments / Shares: 5

Reach: 84

Engagement Rate:


New Profile Photo

Posted: June 18, 2019

Post Clicks / Reactions / Comments / Shares: 249

Reach: 576

Engagement Rate:


Reach: 1254

Engagement Rate:


Reach: 682

Engagement Rate:


Posts with the most reach *Pssst, hey you, hover over the pic for stats)

Reach: 634

Engagement Rate:


Reach: 1026

Engagement Rate:


Millennials love their pets. Millennials also love social media. Millennials love using social media when researching Veterinary hospitals for their pets.

Millennials Love Animal Photos.


I launched BSVH's Instagram in June of 2019.

After linking to Facebook, interactions and engagements grew.


Months after launch, BSVH's Instagram has grown in both exposure and social media engagements.

The biggest challenge:
Getting the animals to stay still enough to get a good photo.
It was well worth it though. Check out the gram!

Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 1.22.28 AM.png

The Website

Broad Street Vet's website needed a revamp in design and updated information. I made sure to incorporate photos of the many awesome loyal clients who go to BSVH. Check out the live site!

UPDATE: As of May 2021, the corporation that recently acquired BSVH has changed the website to one of their corporately owned websites. Fortunately, I was able to save the back-end version of the website which you can check out HERE

Lastly, I wanted to give the Broad Street Vet logo a refresh.


Thank you for checking out my work!