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My name is Austin Morales, and I'm a man with many skills, interests, and talents. I'm a brand specialist, a digital marketing guru, a strategist, a graphic designer, a sociologist, a researcher, a pop-culture enthusiast, a politics nerd, a foodie, and a comedic relief. 
I love bringing creative ideas to life, making the impossible possible, and reaching large audiences by uncovering what engages them or makes them tick.

More About Me

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I'm a Virginian.
Raised in Fairfax. I lived in Richmond, Virginia for five years as I attended Virginia Commonwealth University

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I lived in Richmond, Virginia for five years as I attended Virginia Commonwealth University

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I'm a VCU alum who graduated with a double major, Latin Honors: Cum Laude, and a faculty award. 

I often feel a sense of survivor's guilt having graduated at the end of December 2019, before the world changed due to the pandemic.

I've always had a passion for graphic design. My grandfather was a talented landscape painter, and my sister is a graphic designer at an agency. So, I guess you could say it runs in the family. Growing up, I had an affinity for graffiti art. Now, my design skills have expanded to digital platforms, whether it's designing a website, a log, or my favorite, social media graphics.

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I'm a movie buff. After the premiere of Wall-E back in 2008, I began to keep a collection of all of the movie tickets that I receive.


Every year I would accumulate about a dozen or more movie tickets. I plan to make a movie ticket book and sort them by the year to reminisce over all of the great blockbuster films I've seen.


The only year that I could not collect any movie tickets was, you guessed it, 2020. 

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One of my most incredible moments was when a goofy photo of my cat and I went viral on Reddit. I began to study what makes content go viral and engage audiences across many subreddits. 

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Most people are lucky to make the front page once. However, In six years, I've made the Front Page of Reddit more than a couple of dozen times in various subreddits, with content reaching millions.

Out of curiosity, I would occasionally reverse image search this photo to see all of the places and platforms it has been published. To my surprise, it's still making rounds on the internet six years later. 


I'm a houseplant enthusiast. Pre-COVID I had a pretty awesome collection of succulents. During COVID, I have a forest in my room 


From succulents to low-light plants, I have them all.


Ask me all of your plant-related questions.


I'm an encyclopedia of plant knowledge!


I'm a little brother. I may be taller, but I'm the one that looks up to her. I'm a son to two enjoyable parents who attended rival high schools but ironically fell in love. I have the best family in the world.

Thanks for checking out a little bit about me.


I hope to get to know a little more about you!

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