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Camelia Montalvo is an equestrian rider and trainer. She began developing her career through working student positions under reputable international and national trainers. These experiences enabled Camelia to build her dressage foundation.


Camilia was a client I worked with through a friend at the Brandcenter. She wanted a website that was both a portfolio, but also for potential clients. He informed me that she didn't have anything in particular that she wanted the website to look like, but did provide photos and information that she wanted to include. Furthermore, he informed me that she wanted it to be simple. 

I envisioned a one-page website that would work well for her due to the minimal information and simple website that she wanted. It wasn't until after sending over the first completed version that she started to think more of what she wanted. It turns out she wanted something completely different. After getting further clarification of what she wanted, she was happy with the final product. You will notice that both sites are entirely different from each other. However, I decided to showcase both versions here, as I personally like the first one I made, but in the end, I am happy that the client was delighted. 

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