Know Us Media is a sports marketing brand that aims to tell the stories of professional college athletes.

BRANDING - Logo Redesign

The Know Us brand's creator approached me to revitalize their brand logo to emphasize the individuality that everyone has while also maintaining the rainbow colors to symbolize diversity.



I liked the original logo, but I understand why the creator wanted to incorporate some other visuals to symbolize diversity in how people think and are. 


I came up with the idea of using a brain to symbolize the power of our mind. Half of the brain is straightforward, but the other half shows vibrant colors dispersing outward. This represents not just the colorful, creative side of our minds, but also to show that motif of diversity. Furthermore, the letters K and U are white while the rest of the letters are black, strategically located in front of the colors as illustrating this idea of People are more than just black and white if you take the time to look and listen.

Some of the 50+ concepts I developed for this brand.