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Know Us Media is a sports marketing brand that aims to tell the stories of professional college athletes.

BRANDING - Logo Redesign

The Know Us brand's creator approached me to revitalize their brand logo to emphasize the individuality that everyone has while also maintaining the rainbow colors to symbolize diversity.



Screen Shot 2020-09-06 at 3.24.58 PM.png

I liked the original logo, but I understand why the creator wanted to incorporate some other visuals to symbolize diversity in how people think and are. 



In designing the 'Know Us Media' logo, I aimed to capture the essence of the human mind's duality. The brain, divided between a clear-cut form and a burst of colors, represents the balance between our analytical and imaginative faculties. The white 'K' and 'U', positioned against this vibrant backdrop, serves as a metaphorical statement: Beyond the monochromatic perceptions, there lies a spectrum of stories and perspectives, compelling us to delve deeper

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