Sweetie Boy Delivers


The Sweetie Boy Brand started in 2010 as a long-haul towing and transportation company. Fast forward to 2020, and the Sweetie Boy brand has grown into over 40 power units, two shops, and two offices with 80 full-time employees.

Two months into developing the Sweetie Boy Repair subsidiary, my ambitious CEO saught my assistance growing another subsidiary of the Sweetie Boy company, and call it Sweetie Boy Delivers. Sweetie Boy Delivers specialized Logistics solutions for auto dealers, manufacturers, service centers, and consumers. 

Marketing Coordinator

  • Web Design/Development

  • Vehicle Wrap Design

  • Social Media Management

  • Content Creation/Graphic Design

  • Event Organizing

  • Digital Marketing

  • Customer/Client Service Associate

  • Sales & Operations Associate 

  • Marketing Management/Specialist.

  • Pitch/Dealer/Investor Decks

  • That one funny employee with the dorky jokes

Check me out at (0:48) trying to act casual

The Website


The Vehicles

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The Flyers

The Charity Cruise

At the beginning of May, my superior came into my office with this outrageous idea - "We are going to throw a charity cruise on June 7, make the event, and get it out there." 

Of course, my initial reaction was "Wait.. what? What is a charity cruise? What about the pandemic? The guidelines? That's in a month! How will my coworker (whom I was working with at the time) and I pull that off? I've never organized an event like this before? Yea, it was quite a wild idea. 

Turns out, a charity cruise is a fundraising event in which car enthusiasts, car clubs, motorcycle clubs, etc. meetup for a donation drive and car show in order to raise money for a charity or non-profit. My coworker and I had a month to somehow organize this charity cruise, featuring sponsors, a food truck, prizes, custom t-shirts, banners, radio stations, multiple cars, and motorcycle clubs while also following CDC guidelines and so much more.

We determined the simple solution was to make it a social distancing event! 

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The Shirts I designed for the event featuring all of our sponsors



The News Segments