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The Sweetie Boy Brand started in 2010 as a long-haul towing and transportation company. Fast forward to 2020, and the Sweetie Boy brand has grown into over 40 power units, two shops, and two offices with 80 full-time employees.

Two months into developing the Sweetie Boy Repair subsidiary, my ambitious CEO saught my assistance growing another subsidiary of the Sweetie Boy company, and call it Sweetie Boy Delivers. Sweetie Boy Delivers specializes Logistics solutions for auto dealers, manufacturers, service centers, and consumers. 

Marketing Coordinator

  • Web Design/Development

  • Vehicle Wrap Design

  • Social Media Management

  • Content Creation/Graphic Design

  • Event Organizing

  • Digital Marketing

  • Customer/Client Service Associate

  • Sales & Operations Associate 

  • Marketing Management/Specialist.

  • Pitch/Dealer/Investor Decks

  • That one funny employee with the dorky jokes

Check me out at (0:48) trying to act casual

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The Branding

I needed to concept a memorable slogan paired with a unique design to emphasize the companies mission and goals. After some brainstorming and idea-generating, I settled with,

"We deliver, so you don't have to!"

Then, I figured out a way to incorporate the name Sweetie Boy into the slogan as to read both,

"We deliver, so you don't have to!"


Sweetie Boy Delivers, so you don't have to!"

The Press 

CEO October Graphics 2022.png
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The Website

I wanted to use a dark color theme to differentiate this brand from their light auto repair counterpart and used pink as their primary accent color, giving it a bold visual appeal. Unfortunately the site it no longer active, but you can check out an older version below.


The Fleet

Social Media Management and Content Creation

My goal was to create social media content that was technology-based, informative, and visually appealing across our various social media channels, Instagram, Linkedin. I would pull content from daily breaking news about the automotive and dealership industry and tackle the problems that both dealerships and car buyers are having and how our company can solve those problems. 

I created social graphics in the form of stand-alone posts, carousel posts, and infographic posts. See the gallery for some examples!

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Business Cards

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