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Re-Brand Campaign

We collaborated with Corner Barre to rejuvenate their brand identity. Through a comprehensive campaign, social media overhaul, and a website redesign focused on enhanced user experience, we successfully repositioned them to resonate with a contemporary audience, priming them for the new decade.


Creative Brief: a (Brief) Summary:


Refresh the Corner Barre brand with a campaign.


Fitness newbies are afraid to raise the bar.


Convince "newbies" to stop hesitating and start doing.


“New year, new me!” ads dominate the world of exercise at the end of the year bringing anxiety to people who may have not been as health-conscious as they would have liked.


Resolutions related to losing weight and/or eating better made up for of all the resolutions made by Americans in 2019.

Definition of Resolution:

n. "a firm decision to do or not do something.”


Everyone goes into the New Year with an
“all or nothing” mindset.
However, 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February.


People want to start from scratch (working out every day, changing their diet), but burn out too fast. 

At Corner Barre, the first class is free, followed by multiple pricing options to choose from.


New clients don’t get stuck paying for something they might not like.”



Gain insights on people’s workout experiences and their familiarity with barre.

Social Media


VCU Students


97 Respondents















"Explain what the worst part about working out is for you."

"How I feel after the workout versus how I used to feel after a workout in high school. It's just discouraging to see how I've let myself go, then I get depressed and don't want to go back to the gym."

"Not having a plan or anyone to push me to keep going

"The discipline it takes to work out. I find excuses to not do it, and then making excuses to become a habit.

"Feeling like I don’t know what I’m doing or if I’m doing the workout properly."

"Other people in the gym."

"People being around."

"It can be intimidating going to the gym with all the really buff people there."


Of the 97 people who answered
the previous survey question, 

fell under three main categories...

Lack of Motivation

Fear of Judgement

Clueless how to workout


Fitness newbies are afraid to raise the bar.

Fitness newbies attempt to start from scratch during the new year.

In fact, more people sign up for gym memberships in January than any other month.

However, 80% of people who pay for a gym membership don't use it. 

Of the 97 people surveyed and interviewed, 


have never heard of barre.

However, when explained what barre was...



said they
would be interested in taking a class.

said they

wouldn't be interested in taking a class.


The New Kids On The Barre 

They’ve never had a guided experience that is community-focused and intimate enough to keep them motivated.


They’ve never had a variety.


They’ve never had barre. 

Corner Barre addresses each of the three categories of concern.

They motivate their clients by not just being a personal trainer,

but they maintain a relationship with clients outside of the barre studio.

With a small class size and everyone supporting each other. No fear, no judgment.


Convince The New Kids To Stop Hesitating And Start Doing.

"New Year, New Me" motivational ads try to sell consumers the idea that 

"We know you're out of shape but if you sign up for a membership at our gym you can just forget about everything before, and start over completely."​

They only sell the membership. They don't sell the motivation or knowledge of gym equipment which may make you feel alienated from the "gym heads"

I went to Short Pump Mall to ask shoppers how their motivation is effected after taking a fitness hiatus, as well as their views on "New Year, New Me" fitness ads. 

After Short Pump, I paid a visit to Corner Barre to ask clients why they attend.


*Creative executions at the end.

New Year, New Me Starting Over Doesn't Mean Starting From Scratch

Starting over in a new area of exercise, or coming back from a workout hiatus, doesn’t mean everything done prior is useless. Starting over doesn’t mean from scratch. Your body and mind don't forget your previous workouts, you just build off them. Whether you took a hiatus because of an injury, childbirth, or simple laziness, Corner Barre is a non-judgemental place that makes you feel like you’ve been with them from the start.


I was tasked with creating a new website for Corner Barre. They were struggling with a user-friendly layout and design. I wanted to add more color, real photos, as well as a more readable text.


My Version (given a weekend to complete)


Lauren Thomas - Copywriter / Creative

Emily Payabyab - Creative

When you get in line at the grocery store, you’re immediately bombarded with magazines that scream “New Year, New Me,” faced with models who clearly have the body the average person wants for their new year's resolution. However, these ads tend to make people feel down on themselves. These Instagram story campaigns dismiss the misrepresentation in the media and shine a light on what’s really important to people:

Self-realization and improvement. cost-per-click is between $0.70 and $1.00.

Thank you for checking out my work!

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