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Volunteer Graphic Designer

In collaboration with Hispanics Against Child Abuse & Neglect (HACAN), I had the opportunity to design the branding for their elegant black-and-white gala. Tasked with integrating the blue of child abuse awareness, I used gold accents to enhance the visual palette to convey warmth and optimism.

My design work encompassed invitations, program schedules, raffle documents, and various cards and posters. The gala, hosted by esteemed Spanish radio host Pedro Biaggi, was a resounding success, drawing in over 140 attendees and raising a significant sum for the cause.

Portfolio Website  (1).png


In my extended pro-bono work with HACAN, I tackled their branding inconsistencies and website issues. Collaborating with the Board, I crafted a brand-style guide and revamped the website to reflect the non-profit's vibrant impact better.
To enhance the website's narrative, I improved the copy, blending AI-generated images with approved photos to address privacy concerns. The outcome was a rejuvenated brand and digital presence featuring a user-friendly website with superior UX/UI, better SEO, and engaging content.

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