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Logo Designs

North American Track & Field League™ is a privately held Professional Track and Field League. I was tasked with developing a new logo design for the NATFL as well as three logos for three of their national track and field league teams.  

NATFL Logo.jpg

The NATFL requested that each logo have a connecting theme as well as symbolism that represents North America. I achieved this by using a stopwatch to symbolize the timer in their track competitions. Furthermore, I utilized the red, white, and blue colors to represent North America. 

Old Logo


The starting block is where all the action begins. The adrenaline and emotions coursing through each athlete culminate at the starting block. The starting block also doubles as the letter A in the acronym NATFL.

New Logo

NATFL Logo.jpg
Chicago Blazing Storm.png
Behind The Logo:
The team explained that they wanted to incorporate a symbolrepresenting the "Blazing" storms of the Chicago summer.
I created a logo containing a lightning bolt that doubles as the letter Z in the team name.

Team Logos

Behind The Logo:
Michigan is growing to become the wind turbine capital of the USA and, eventually, the world. The team requested that I include an icon that would represent these famous wind turbines.
Michigan Turbines.png
Behind The Logo:
The New York team requested that their logo contain an animal that was fast and fierce. What better animal to use than a majestic stallion horse?
New York Quick Steppers (1).png
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