INSIGHT: Expressing anger is Taboo.

RageRVA struggled to reach a female demographic because women are pressured to not show emotion when they experience stress, anger or frustration.

TARGETWorking mothers.

She never stops working when she has a family to look after but, when she does,  her "me" time tends to be less than effective in giving her the cathartic experience she deserves.

STRATEGYGive working moms an effective "Me" time activity.

RTBWorking moms receive an average of 17 minutes of "me" time each day.

51% say they sometimes go days without time for herself. Mom's Idea of "me time" is taking a bath, having a cup of coffee, or going to the salon. 75% of moms say their "me time" rarely helps them relax.


RageRVA was the first rage room to come to
Richmond VA. They were struggled with effectively marketing to a female audience. We discovered that Working Moms were a great target to solve this problem. The result was a campaign strategy that communicates a new brand position and a niche new target.

RageRVA  =

noun. "The purging or release of emotional tensions, thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions."

Rage rooms are the perfect place to release any emotional tensions someone may have.


RageRVA prides itself as being a safe and judgment-free zone.

Negative false perceptions of rage rooms perpetuating
stress and anger as opposed to relieving it.


No one knows more about being judged than a mom.


With full-time jobs, ages (25-55)

A working mom is clocked in 24/7
She deals with the stresses of work,
child-rearing, putting food on the table, and cleaning up messes.
She never stops working when she has a family to look after, but when she does,  her "me" time is less than effective in providing her with the cathartic relaxation she deserves.

Mothers say they receive around 17 minutes of "me" time each day. 

I wanted to gain more insight on working moms and their stress levels.


Primary Research


Interviews: How moms spend their "Me time" 

QuantQual Survey

Surveyed 64 working moms about the quality of their stress and "Me time".

Potential Clientele

Would they use RageRVA


When we asked what their favorite method of relieving stress it,


said they relieve stress by working out.

RageRVA will have you SWEATING by the time you finish SMASHING.

Trust me...I would know.

"Yes, at times I find myself receiving comments that imply that I cannot have negative feelings or reactions because I’m a mom. Add a full-time job and it is another level."

                                   - Matilda

"Yes. If Mom breaks down then everything stops and that can’t happen. So I suck it back up, pull up the big kid pants and power through."

                                 - Alessandra

"Yes, because I have to take care of everyone else so I do not have time to address all my emotions."

                                 - Stephanie

"Yes- society, people, family, put this pressure that you have to be the one that keeps it together."

                                 - Chelsea

What did working mom's say about RageRVA?

"Sounds Fun!"

"Let me at it!"

"So fun!"

"Hell yeah! Where is the closest one to me?"

"That could really help relieve some stress!"

"Where do I sign up?"

"Sign me up!"

"I want to try that!"


Introduce working moms to an alternate outlet for
stress relief that is more rewarding than typical “me time.” ("
Be Time")

Let's face it, Mom’s idea of “me time" is mediocre.
Drinking coffee, watching a tv drama, or even doing chores is what mom considers "me time".



The original logo wasn't connecting with RageRVA's clientele.
The new logo is simple and includes the flame and colors they liked about the original brand logo. 



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Indulge yourself without the mug.

me time (n):

A coffee break in between everyone else's schedule.

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me time (n):

Watching dramas to avoid your own.


Tune into yourself without the soaps

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