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Corner Barre Original

I was tasked with creating a new website concept for Corner Barre. They were struggling with a user-friendly layout and design. I wanted to add more color, real photos, and fix the copy.

Corner Barre New

My Concept (given a weekend to complete)


Nova Cat Clinic -
Original Site

The team at Nova Cat asked me to redesign their website as it was not user-friendly or content friendly. They emphasized a need for a referral form for clients and doctors on the I-131 page, as well as a platform to put their new podcast. 

Nova Cat Clinic -
My Design

I made a site that was user-friendly by getting rid of arbitrary tabs or merging them with tabs that had the same or similar information. I used Helvetica light and bold with the color scheme of blue, light grey and white. While the site is waiting for its new home, you can view the site by going to this link

Sweetie Boy Delivers.png
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