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Career Highlights

Michael Breed is a professional golf instructor and television host. In 2003, he was selected as a Top 100 Instructor in America by Golf Magazine; in 2011, he was voted one of the Top 50 Instructors in America by Golf Digest; and in 2012, Breed was chosen as the PGA's National Teacher of the Year.

My Role Highlights

  • Social Media Analytics

  • Email Marketing

  • Giveaway Campaigns

  • Video Editor

  • eCommerce Product Management

  • Brand Collabs & Promotions


michael breed socials (1).png

Increased Twitter followers by


michael breed socials (1).png

Grew Instagram Followers by


michael breed socials (1).png

Grew Subscribers by


michael breed socials (1).png

Grew Facebook Fan Page Likes by



giveaways (1).png

We would promote a new product monthly under the giveaway slogan "Let's Do This." Then, we would ask viewers to engage by following his page and tagging a friend in the post to enter to win the giveaway prize. 

Michael Breed GBox Giveaway (2).png
GBox Video.png

We worked with George Gankas to create a giveaway campaign promoting the GBox while growing Michael Breed's presence and engagement on Instagram. 


In the two weeks after the campaign, Michael's Instagram engagement increased by over 4%, with the most significant increase of followers at 2,000 in two weeks. 

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