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Nick Faldo


Career Highlights

  • 6 Majors Championship wins

  • Golf Influencer

  • 9 PGA Tour Wins

  • 30 European Tour Wins

  • 10 Other Tour Wins.

  • TV Show Host of Faldo Formula

  • Golf Broadcaster

  • Knighted by the Queen

My Role Highlights

  • Social Media Graphics & Analytics

  • Website Design & Ecommerce Product Management

  • Email & Digital Marketing Campaigns 

  • Masters Anniversary Campaigns & Promotions

  • Membership Subscription Service

  • Apparel Line Collection Designs

  • Brand Collabs & Promotions

  • Brand Management


Nick faldo social mock.png

Increased Instagram audience growth by  



Increased average engagement rate by 

Nick faldo social mock.png

Increased Twitter follower growth by


Nick faldo social mock.png

Grew Facebook fan page likes growth by



Increased average engagement rate by

Nick faldo social mock.png

Grew Youtube subscriber count by


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Along with managing my client's social media accounts, I was responsible for designing the graphics for thumbnails and resizing them to promote on their Instagram highlight reels. 


The 2021 Masters Tournament marked 25 years since Nick Faldo's first Master's championship win. In honor of the milestone, we launched a Master's Anniversary Campaign

Untitled-1 (1).png

I created a Spotify website working with ShipStation to establish product pages and inventory SKUs.

I designed limited-edition anniversary gear such as branded hats, Beats headphones, and signed memorabilia that would be sold through our eCommerce website.

Screen Shot 2022-05-15 at 3.35.12 PM.png

I promoted the products through social and email marketing campaigns resulting in tens of thousands of fans visiting the site and up to $50,000 in sales within the first week of launch.

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I used MailChimp to create, schedule, and send out email marketing campaigns to Nick Faldo's 15,000+ subscribers to promote services, apparel, Master's Anniversary gear, and more each week and received an average of 7% CTR for each email.


faldo cvs (1).png

To promote the second season of Nick Faldo's tv show, 'Faldo Formula,' I  collaborated with CBS Sports to feature short clips from the show on their website in a campaign to expand brand awareness.


The campaign was a success and resulted in thousands of unique visitors and clicks to our selection of featured videos. 


FALDO FORMULA PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP Try Risk-Free For 60-Days! Full access to nearly 300 golf

We were tasked with creating and promoting a Faldo Formula subscription service. The membership gave subscribers access to a library of nearly 300 golf instruction videos featuring Sir Nick and his renowned coaches demonstrating the championship-proven approaches to playing better golf.

faldo carousel (1).png

I worked with a developer to establish a WordPress site that enabled free and membership-only services such as exclusive Faldo Formula training aids, fitness products, limited edition items, and deals on exclusive members-only offers. 

The membership would also give subscribers access to an exclusive library of nearly 300 golf instruction videos featuring Sir Nick and his renowned coaches demonstrating the championship-proven approaches to playing better golf. 

After running targeted promotional ads through social media channels, direct email marketing campaigns, and collaborating with CBS sports, the first week of launch landed 100+ new subscribers with a steady increase.