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Nick Faldo


Career Highlights

Paige Spiranac is known for her influential omnichannel media personality in golf and her work in sports, fitness, and entrepreneurship. Through her content, digital media initiatives, and partnerships with leading sports brands and outlets, Paige has evolved from the “OG Insta golf girl,” amassing over 10 million followers across her social channels.

My Role Highlights

  • Social Analytics

  • Masters Golf Towel Design & Promotions

  • eCommerce Product Management

  • Brand Collabs 

  • Logo Design


paige social (1).png

Increased Twitter follower growth by


paige social (1).png

Grew Instagram Followers by


paige social (1).png

Grew Facebook Fan Page Likes by


paige social (1).png

Grew Subscribers by



One of the more popular products that fans of Paige anticipate each year around the Masters' tournament is her custom limited edition golf towels. My task was to develop a few concepts for the towel to promote and sell on her eCommerce website. There were only 15,000 available, and within the first few days, they were all sold out. 

paige towel.png

Throughout my time at Octagon, I was tasked with developing designs for Paige for different occasions, whether for alternative logos or graphics for her website. Here is a sampling of some of them.

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