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Career Highlights

Shane Bacon is a longtime journalist and former mini-tour competitor. Bacon joined Golf Channel in Dec. 2020 as a host and play-by-play commentator. Likewise, he co-hosts Golf Today with Damon Hack, providing play-by-play commentary and reports during GOLF Channel live tournament coverage. Bacon also hosts the popular Get A Grip podcast with PGA TOUR player Max Homa.

My Role Highlights

  • Social Media Analytics

  • Pitch Deck Presentation Promoter

  • T-Shirt Designs

  • Brand Collabs & Promotions


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Increased Twitter followers by


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Grew Instagram Followers by



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In golf, every hole has a “par,” which is the number of strokes it should take you to complete the hole. For example, if it’s a par 4, you should finish the hole in 4 shots. If you do it in 1 less or “-1,” that’s called a “birdie.” 2 less or “-2” is an “eagle.”

-3 on a hole is rare, and some people call it an “albatross,” others call it a “double eagle,” but Shane and Matt loved to call it "Super Eagle." Shane Bacon and Max Homa wanted me to concept a shirt depicting this idea to be used as a giveaway prize for one of their podcast viewers. These were the ones they chose.

Golf Balls

  Get a Grip Deck: 
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