The Subculture of Cannabis Users with Jobs

For this project, we worked with a partner to compile a comprehensive collection of qualitative and quantitative data to gather insight on a randomly assigned subculture. Our team was assigned to the subculture of Cannabis Users.


Cannabis, commonly known as marijuana and other names, is a psychoactive drug extracted from the Cannabis plant used for medical or recreational purposes. As of 2019, 33 American states have legalized the consumption of Cannabis in some way shape or form.

Prior research has found excessive pot use stifles motivation via the decrease of dopamine levels in a region of the brain called the striatum, which functions as part of the reward system. However, others argue that it's not the drug that makes you lazy, it's their individual bad habits.

The Culture


Cannabis culture has gone from somewhat of a taboo topic to one that is openly supported by celebrities, athletes, and throughout pop-culture. However, the stereotypical "Pot-head" is still depicted as lazy and unmotivated. We were curious to discover just how true this stereotype was, so we narrowed down Cannabis users to Cannabis users with jobs.

What To Discover


Primary Focus: Cannabis users with Jobs

Secondary Focus: Non-Cannabis smokers (for insights)


Social Media

Follow-up Emails

People we know

College Students


Smoke Shops

Distributed through Survey Monkey 

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332 participated in the survey and interviews

89 respondents (27%) are non-cannabis users.

234 respondents (73%are cannabis users.


We gained respondents from across the globe after submitting the survey to cannabis associated subreddits on